what I wore

what I wore – week 30

Another week, and the household medical issues continue.  My husband’s surgery is scheduled for Friday, and we all have our fingers crossed that it will go very smoothly and he’ll recover quickly (and get back to work soon).  It’s been quite a good week in many ways though – I visited the craft and quilt fair, went to work as normal, did some crocheting, my brother visited us from Cairns, I went along to book group, I met up with girlfriends for dinner, and I’m out to dinner with the school mums tonight.  It all helps with my sanity – I don’t think that I’m a natural nurse!

What I wore - week 30

I’m taking my first Zumba class tomorrow morning in the school hall after I drop Clare off. I couldn’t come up with an excuse not to attend – I’ll be at school anyway! Should be interesting – and potentially hilarious, as a group of middle-aged women who have all had a late night out for dinner the evening before try to shake their groove thing and find their dance floor rhythm.  I’ll have to dig out my exercise clothes that haven’t seen the light of day for far too long…


3 thoughts on “what I wore – week 30

  1. wishing him a speedy recovery!

    zumba will most likely be hilarious, i’ve only ever done it once, and i’ve never felt so gangly in my life. and you know i’m not a tall person…

    have fun!

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