habu chains scarf

My commuting project for the past couple of months has been a Chains Scarf.  It even commuted all the way to Bali and back with us!

Habu Silk Tweed Kasuri Chains Scarf

I’ve used this pattern before, and find that it is a scarf that I often reach for. It’s a simple three row repeat, and shows off special yarn like this Habu Silk Tweed Kasuri extremely well. I used two balls to make this – they’re small balls – and made the scarf 20 stitches wide rather than the narrower scarf in the pattern instructions.

Habu Silk Tweed Kasuri Chains Scarf

It’s a good pattern for those small balls of precious, thinner yarns. The chain stitches don’t use up lots of yarn, and it gives it terrific drape. Perfect for a scarf! But I get very sick of counting all the chain stitches by the time I finish it.  Time to pull out a different pattern for my next scarf – which will be in this divine silk/fine merino handspun that I recently bought at the Made’n’Thornbury market.


Scarf details Ravelled here.


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