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Shannon jacket

It’s finished, and I wore it today!  My Shannon jacket, which was exactly one month in the crocheting.

Shannon jacket

I crocheted this in size 42, which apparently equates to a 36 in a closely fitted garment but was the suggested size to allow for the ease and bulk of the thicker yarn needed for a warm outer layer. It took 14 balls of Cleckheaton Vintage Hues 100% wool, which is unfortunately now a discontinued yarn. Fortunately I still have 8 balls left! I used a 6mm Clover Soft touch hook.

Shannon jacket

I really like the way that the colours graduate across the ribbing of the collar and cuffs, and the way that they flow across the back. This yarn has long colour changing repeats, with two colours plied together and each of them altering along the length of the yarn. It gives some very interesting effects. I’m not as keen on the way that they have pooled across the fronts, but overall I’m rather thrilled with my jacket. And it is super warm! Ravelled here.

Shannon jacket


13 thoughts on “Shannon jacket

  1. Congratulations – It is absolutely stunning and I can’t believe it only took you a month with all the other things you manage to fit in too! You deserve a medal!

    1. Thank you! Most of it was finished in the first two weeks actually – it’s taken me two weeks just to finish the belt, sew up the cuffs and darn in the ends. The thickness of the yarn helped it to work up quickly.

  2. Simply stunning Lara! The colours are divine and suit you beautifully! I love the new look blog, by the way…love the “load more” function, rather than “older posts”.

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