kidney stones

It’s been drama in our household.  Two weeks ago the girls both got sick with severe gastro.  They improved very slowly, but by last Sunday they were pretty much on the mend.  But that morning my husband started complaining of haematuria and pain.

He had kidney stones removed from his right kidney & ureter six years ago.  Now the left side was a problem.  By midnight on Wednesday we needed to call an ambulance for morphine and a trip into hospital.  He had surgery on Thursday evening to attempt to remove a 1.2cm stone. Unfortunately it was unsuccessful.  Now he’s got a ureteral stent in and will have endoscopic surgery again in ten to fourteen days time.  Until then he’s quite uncomfortable and in low level pain (with lots of medication to try to manage it) and will be at home resting.

I think that July will pretty much be a write-off for our family!

At least we know what we are dealing with, and it’s nothing life-threatening.  But painful, inconvenient, and annoying.  And after two weeks I don’t think that I’m the most sympathetic nurse.

I really need some sewing therapy.  Maybe fabric & pattern shopping therapy will have to suffice.


15 thoughts on “kidney stones

  1. Oh Lara, that is not good. Your poor hubby! I hear kidney stones are way beyond unpleasant. Hope it’s all sorted out really soon and he’s feeling fit as a fiddle (and you can get back to your creative activities!)

  2. Dave, who has has kidney stones a couple of times, send his best wishes to Dan!! I clicked the link to see how the stent worked as he was interested and you have never seen a man squirm more than when he asked how it would be removed and I read it to him!!
    I hope all are well soon Lara – and go grab yourself some new stuff I say – you deserve it!

  3. I hope hubby is feeling much better soon. I have a friend suffering from the same problem – although his stone isn’t as big thank goodness. Sending healing thoughts hubbies way…..and crafty ones to you.

  4. How selfish of Mr. Thornberry! Did he even consider your loyal blog readers who wait with bated breath to see your latest creations?! I do hope he’s well soon – it sounds positively awful. Wishing you truckloads of patience and some crafting time when you can!

  5. Interesting to read this tonight as I have surgery tomorrow to remove a 1 cm kidney stone. My procedure is called a ureteroscopy. I guess I have a stent put up as well and then they laser the stone and collect the large pieces with a basket. I was hoping to pass this one as I have passed a 8mm stone but no such luck. Never occured to me that it might not work until I read your post, wish me luck and I hope your husband’s next surgery is successful.

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