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more craft by Mum – sashiko tablerunner

My mother is quite modest.  She is quick to point out any small errors in her craft projects, rather than rejoicing in their overall success.  She has high expectations of herself and high standards.  I think that this project is absolutely wonderful, and it was a technique that she hadn’t tried before – and rightly, she is rather proud of it.

Sashiko table runner by Mum

Mum spotted this sashiko tablerunner kit at the BeBe Bold stand at one of the craft fairs we attended last year.  Mum rather likes a kit – there is not waste – and it combined her liking for embroidery and for patchwork.  She’d never done sashiko before, but honestly, you wouldn’t know it.

Sashiko table runner by Mum

The design uses different coloured threads going in different directions, and is extremely effective. The patchwork surrounding it is quite subtle, and really sets off the embroidery.

Sashiko table runner by Mum

I love this table runner, and have great admiration for my mother’s skills. Mum taught me to sew and gave me free rein at her sewing machine, taught me to knit – although as you know, I prefer to crochet and leave the knitting to her – and her drawers include examples of beautifully embroidered doilies with crocheted edgings, candlewick cushions, and now patchwork. Thanks Mum for your example and your encouragement. And even for the eagle eye for the imperfections – because just like you Mum, I prefer to do things well rather than just adequately.

Sashiko table runner by Mum


14 thoughts on “more craft by Mum – sashiko tablerunner

  1. Your Mum is ceratinly talented. There is no doubt. I guess if she is keen on using packs, and just having enough to finish a project, that means there isn’t an stash for you to inherit :-(.

    Hope the girls are back on the mend, and you’ve managed a full nights sleep.

  2. Wow, absolutely gorgeous! I’ve always loved the look of sashiko too, but I’m pretty certain that my first (or 2nd or 3rd) attempt will have no where near the accuracy and even stitch length of your mothers.

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