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what I wore – week 26

Another week gone – but during the last week I did manage to get the sewing machine and overlocker humming again!  I hadn’t done any sewing for around four weeks and was missing it.  I’ll get my new garments blogged in the next week or so (but there is one in this mosaic!).

what I wore - week 26

I got a haircut and new colour last week as well, as you can see in the last few photos.  Currently on my cutting table: a cape and skirt for Clare and a shopping bag being pattern tested. Still in fabric piles awaiting cutting: a cape and skirt for Stella, a dress for Stella, and a dress for Clare.

And are you taking part in the Ravellenic Games?  This will be my first year joining in.


I’m in Team Crochet and Team Australia, and at this stage will be entering items in the cowl jump, hat dash and bag’n’tote backstroke, but I’m also considering the sock put.  It should be fun!  (and many thanks to Kim at Woolly Toons for the wonderful “uniform” above)


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