granny rainbow stripe slouch hat

That’s a pretty long title for a simple hat!  Well, you do know that I like my blog posts to have sensible, logical titles that describe what the post is all about – and this one is about a granny rainbow stripe slouch hat.

rainbow granny stripe slouch hat

Some weeks ago I was suddenly struck with an urge to crochet in colour. In a rainbow, actually. I ran up to my “scrap yarn” stash, which is mainly full of random balls of 8ply wool from Spotlight, and pulled out around 14 different colours. In the process I discovered what colours are missing from my stash, but I haven’t addressed that yet – I’m on a yarn (and fabric) diet. I took a good look at the rainbow beanie pattern, and started hooking.

rainbow granny stripe slouch hat

My plan was to make a beanie for one of the girls, but I worked out very quickly that this was turning out huge – even much too large for me. So I morphed it into a slouch hat by working extra granny stripe rows, then decreasing once I got to the band, which I worked in hdc. And I kept on decreasing row by row until it seemed to fit.

rainbow granny stripe slouch hat

I’m sort of pleased that I had the courage to just free-form my crochet a little rather than strictly adhering to a pattern as I usually do.  Although the success of the finished result is a little debatable.  Clare thinks that it is hilarious.  I think it’s kind of cute. In a weird, rainbow-rastafarian sort of way.


5 thoughts on “granny rainbow stripe slouch hat

  1. Lara, I came across that blog yesterday (when I should have been doing some housework -but as both girls were out for the day I couldn’t help but blog hop for a couple of hours uninterrupted) and marked the pattern to make in the next couple of weeks… good on your for free-wheeling it into a slouch! I really like how it turned out.

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