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around the block quilt top

This was the other quilt top that I finished off at Sewjourn.  These blocks, made by the talented women of Around The Block round 1, have been awaiting assembly for a significant period of time.  But now it is done!

ATB quilt top finally assembled

This quilt top is also a decent size. I love the blocks, and am pleased that I finally decided to join them without sashing into a riot of pattern and colour. Although not using sashing did leave me with the challenge of joining together blocks that weren’t quite the same size. There was some fudging necessary. I figure that is one of the challenges you face when taking part in a quilting bee – everyone sews a quarter of an inch seam slightly differently, and because most of these blocks contain many seams in all sorts of directions, there was significant variation in the finished block size. But it all worked out okay.

ATB quilt top finally assembled

I do have leftover pieces of fabric, and my initial plan was to piece the back. No promises as to when that will happen. Thanks to all the women who made my wonderful blocks – I love this quilt top!


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