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make it in may skirt

Cam of Curlypops started a “Make it in May” skirt sewalong.

So I made a skirt! And as it turns out, it appears that I channeled both Carmel and Cam with the design of my skirt.

You Sew Girl A-line skirt with vintage (1975) Simplicity pockets

The pattern is Nicole Mallalieu‘s/You Sew, Girl!’s A-line Skirt Pattern. I made the shorter length, and added pockets from Vintage (1975) Simplicity 6778.

You Sew Girl A-line skirt with vintage (1975) Simplicity pockets

Because my shape is rather thick-waisted, I altered the skirt yoke by chopping an inch from the concave side. This gives me more waist/stomach room, while retaining fit through the hips.

You Sew Girl A-line skirt with vintage (1975) Simplicity pockets

I use a size 10 in this pattern, and chopping the inch (or so) from the yoke takes the waist up close to a size 14, but keeps the hips a 10. Such a simple alteration for those of us not blessed with small waists (but blessed with slim hips/butts/thighs).

You Sew Girl A-line skirt with vintage (1975) Simplicity pockets

This is a fairly heavy denim (from Darn Cheap Fabrics) and since it is woven with a yellow thread throughout, I decided to highlight the yellow with topstitching. I used topstitching thread to sew on the lined pockets, and again around the hem. I also used the selvage as a feature between the yoke and the skirt pieces. This was originally intended to be a plain skirt – but I just couldn’t help myself! I used a bright quilting cotton to face the yoke, to line the pockets, and also to face the hemline.

You Sew Girl A-line skirt with vintage (1975) Simplicity pockets

I just have to show off the invisible zip. It’s pretty good! If the selvage fringe was exactly the same depth on both sides, you’d barely notice it.

You Sew Girl A-line skirt with vintage (1975) Simplicity pockets

The inside finish is rather good too. Great instructions for a lovely finish, and you can use this wherever there is a facing with an invisible zip.

You Sew Girl A-line skirt with vintage (1975) Simplicity pockets

I even debated more topstitching along the yoke to secure the facing, but decided that might be overkill in conjunction with the selvage fringe and pocket topstitching. And I probably didn’t need another horizontal line around my stomach. That said, the heavy denim, combined with interfacing on both the exterior pieces and the facing pieces, makes for a skirt that holds in and smooths my abdominal adipose layer quite nicely.

You Sew Girl A-line skirt with vintage (1975) Simplicity pockets

And I love having those pockets!  I’m so glad that I joined in with the sewalong – and there is still time if you want to join in too, May isn’t quite over yet!

You Sew Girl A-line skirt with vintage (1975) Simplicity pockets

19 thoughts on “make it in may skirt

  1. This is quite possibly the nicest skirt I’ve ever seen you in, and you have quite the collection of Lara-made skirts! Everything about is is scrummy, right down to the pockets and the use of selvage at the waist. So lovely.

  2. The addition of the yellow topstitching takes it up to level groovy! It’s sooooo hard to go plain when you’re so drawn to pattern and colour.
    Thankyou so much for explaining how you altered the height of the yoke. I have that same thick waist problem with waist and hips not in normal proportion. I can definitely use that tip.

  3. It looks fabulous on you! Great tip for the yoke! Like you I need a smaller size for my hips and rather flat bottom but size much bigger for my pesky waist. Will definitely try this!

  4. Love your modifications of Nicole’s pattern. Your skirt looks fabulous .Those pockets are so 1975. I remember seeing this pattern in 1st form domestic science sewing classes in 1975. We all had to make a skirt for the school fashion parade. Such memories !!! Thanks for the blast from the past.

  5. Just gorgeous and it really, really suits you! There is nothing I love more than what should be a basic (denim skirt) that looks as unique and funky as yours.

  6. You’ve really put a lot of effort in to this skirt and it shows as usual. I’ll bet you’ll have people wanting to know where you bought it and the big companies deciding they like those deep pockets. Great work. Cherrie

  7. Hi Lara, I’d absolutely love it if you could do a little photo series or tutorial on how to sew the waistband and facing around the invisible zipper. Everything I make ends up in the bin because this is the section I really mess up. Your sewing is so divine, you must be the best person to ask!

    1. Thanks so much Tina – luckily for me, Nikki has already got a full photo series that goes along with the instructions for this skirt – they are all in the pattern! She explains it all really well, and then you can apply that knowledge to other skirts that you make.

  8. I love your skirt! I just squeezed into the sew along .. last night by posting about the 3 Barcelona skirts I made. Modified of course to deal with my waist. Why is it so hard to find “real” measurements. Your’s looks wonderful … off to whip another skirt now.

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