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I’m back from Sewjourn!  As always, it was wonderful.  And as always, it takes me quite a few days to unpack and get organised once I return.  So here are a few photos to give you an idea of what the weekend was like.  I’ll be back with details on what I finished – two quilt tops, a Renfrew top, a vest, two ruffled skirts, a “where’s wally” top, two nighties, a cape, three dresses – later on!









My husband’s advice on the phone to me during the weekend was “don’t drink too much and don’t go to bed too late”. Maybe he should have added “don’t eat too much chocolate”.  Maybe we should have taken his advice.  Maybe we did?


9 thoughts on “returned

  1. I ate a bit too much choc too, but I had a good time and look forward to going again. Great photos…I missed lots of those scenes….too busy sewing!

  2. oh Kazz’s comment just makes me giggle and say ‘how’s the tranquility’ in my most ‘The Castle voice. Your photos are really lovely and what a lot of work you did- obviously well rested and not alcohol effected…maybe you were in sugar fuelled hyper drive because your bloke didn’t give you sound advice about not eating too much chocolate 😉

  3. Brenda here from way over to your left (or right) in Paraguay, South America. I am sooo jealous right now. I would love to participate in a sewing retreat! The chocolate probably helped you be so productive! Can;t wait for more pictures. Btw, I found the pattern for the short sleeved cardi (crocheted) you posted of last week, and I’m just waiting to find the right wool/yarn/thread to make it with. What was your yarn like?

  4. wow what a productive weekend…you must be so pleased with all that you got done 🙂 those crisp morning photos look fabulous & yes i did love the sewing mat. look forward to reading about all your projects completed 🙂 cheers

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