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Now, do I have everything?  Patterns, check.  Box of fabric, check.  Box of thread and notions, check. Scrap box, check.  Box of cut-out projects, check.  Assorted crochet projects, check.  Bag full of overlocker threads, check.  Mending/alterations, check. Sheets & towels, check. Is there anything I’ve forgotten?


Oh wait – food to share, check. Clothes to wear, check. Husband “working from home” today so that I can dash out the door at midday while youngest child is watching TV and/or playing computer games and there will be someone to collect the eldest child from school, check.  Petrol and a visit to Dan Murphy’s – shall do on the way.

I’m off to Sewjourn! See you when I emerge out the other side!

And I’ll see you very soon, crafty girls!


8 thoughts on “packed

  1. Hi Lars, I’m still in my PS’s, but I think I have the sewing packing under control, now to have a shower and think about the other stuff. My brain is working a bit slowly today. Hope I remember the way. See you soon

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