collection of cloches

One of my dear friends is currently undergoing chemotherapy, and as if often the case, she is losing her hair.  So I crocheted her some caps, cloches and beanies.

The Urban Shells Beanie, in Eki Riva Natal (baby alpaca, silk, nylon):

Urban Shells beanie

Crocheted Head Hugger from Golden Hands magazine, in Moda Vera Gardenia:

Golden Hands crocheted head-hugger

Divine Hat, in bamboo/cotton/soy blend remnants:

Divine Hat

Audrey’s Lace Cap, in NaturallyCaron Spa:

Audrey's Lace Cap

She has been wearing them happily for the past couple of months, and says that they are all so soft. It was something practical that I could do to help.  More details on each via my Ravelry “hats” page.


12 thoughts on “collection of cloches

  1. I am sure your friend will love them all. I hope that she goes through her treatment with as little disruption as possible to her health. I think the divine hat is just beautiful, and the others are really pretty too. I am sure she will be needing them very much during winter!

  2. What a lovely thing to do for your friend – so nice that she has such a range of hats to choose from. I really like the Divine Hat – may have to add that one to my Ravelry queue. I hope the chemo does the trick and she recovers from it quickly.

  3. Thanks for posting this Lara. I think I might need some help to get the Divine hat started. I really like that one and I think it’d be practical for a fashion-gal who has to do farm chores – it looks like the right balance of snug and stylish. In the meantime, I’m off to check out the other pattern links. The lacy one is a good going-to-town one.

    Has your friend mentioned whether she prefers one fibre over another (for comfort on a head without hair)? The bamboo/coton/soy looks lovely and soft.

    I’m going up to stay with S in early June, so I’d best get hookin’….

  4. What a cold time of year to be without hair. They are all beautiful, and what a wonderful gift – so much more thought and love has gone into each one than if they were store bought. Wishing your friend all the best with her treatment.

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