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another nigella

Poor Miss Stella gets a bit left out with my dressmaking sometimes, because she has all of Clare’s hand-me-downs.  Which she loves, by the way!  She was only saying yesterday how lucky she was that she got all her sister’s old clothes once they were outgrown.  I wonder at what age she might change her mind about that, if at all!  So I made her a Nigella Tunic as well.

nigella tunic & ottobre leggings

Once again I chose the pattern size based on height, then added an inch to the sleeve length – but could have added more – and two inches to the bodice length – but could have added less.

nigella tunic & ottobre leggings

The construction was exactly the same as for Clare’s dress. This time I had enough fabric to make some matching leggings. I used design 17 from Ottobre 1/2011, which only has one pattern piece. The photo indicated that these were 3/4 length, so I added a few inches to the length to make them more appropriate for winter. I reckon that they took half an hour to make, including tracing and cutting out.

nigella tunic & ottobre leggings

I’m glad that I lengthened the sleeves, but the longer bodice has altered the proportions too much. One inch extra would have been fine. Although she is growing quite quickly now, so it also means that it will fit her for longer. I’m really enjoying sewing at the moment – but my crochet output is suffering! Well, you can’t have it all.

blowing bubbles - wearing nigella tunics


4 thoughts on “another nigella

  1. Lovely and the colours suit her really well! You’re lucky she likes have her sister’s clothes – I absolutely hated the hand-me-downs from my sister from about the age of 6 until I grew taller than her when I was about 14. There was one party dress in ghastly maroon fabric that Mum made for us both (there must have been a special occasion) and I got to not only wear mine but then my sister’s for every party I went to for about 4 years. I still can’t stand maroon – later it was to be the colour of my school blazer.

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