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u can’t touch this….

I do think that sewing and clothing should be a bit of fun.  The older I get, the more willing I am to try new things.  Is it meant to work that way?  Maybe I’m not as self-conscious now that I’m heading rapidly into my mid-forties.  I ordered the StyleARC Shaza jersey pant pattern a little while ago.  They describe it as “a great stylized pant for the fashion victim”.  It’s very quick and simple to make.  After an hour or two I had a new pair of comfortable pants.


My children laughed furiously when I modelled these for them. The first thing that Clare said was “you’re not going to wear those on the INTERNET are you?”


“Too right I am!” I replied. “And I’m going to wear them to school drop-off and pick-up as well”!


I made the size 10, but as you can see they are rather accommodating! Actually, I still haven’t hemmed them. They were an interesting draft, with six pleats either side of the centre back and the centre front, and inseam side pockets. I used a soft knit that should have been a little slinkier and thinner, and think that these would be a more successful pattern if they were made up in a different fabric. Which I might still do! The biggest problem with them is how to style them, I think – they need a fairly fitted top to deal with all that hip and thigh volume.


Of course, they reminded the whole family of different things. “Clown pants” from the girls. My husband knew better and said nothing, just raised his eyebrows. To me, they are reminiscent of the Papal Swiss Guards I saw when I visited the Vatican many years ago.  But mostly, MC Hammer.


17 thoughts on “u can’t touch this….

  1. Oh Lara, you are fantastic! I love it that Clare was concerned about you wearing them on the internet, that’s going to make me giggle all day. It’s so fun watching you with clothes: brave, adventurous, playful, colourful, quirky, stylish…it’s really interesting, if I took a photo of my wardrobe, it’s dark, with the odd green or blue thing. I am trying and learning to pay more attention and care with my clothes and appearance generally, but gee, it doesn’t come naturally. Thanks for the role modelling 🙂

  2. You are a brave woman! They look comfy though but sadly, not for me. With a pear figure I’m totally avoiding adding any extra to that area! But they look great on you I think. I agree with the comment about using a slingy jersey.

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