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which side out?

Somehow I found myself in the vicinity of Darn Cheap fabrics yesterday.  I somehow had enough time to pop in and have a look at the $2 per metre table.  Somehow, there was fabric there to interest me.  I picked up loads of this cotton border print to make the new Oliver + s croquet dress for the girls.

Border print from Darn Cheap $2 table - match with O+s croquet dress

I’m not in a hurry to get it made though – it’s a summer dress, and we’re definitely heading towards winter! Also at Darn Cheap – but not on the $2 per metre table – were some terrific textured knits. I bought a few metres of this double-sided one:

textured double sided knit from Darn Cheap ($7.95pm)

and the reverse:

textured double sided knit from Darn Cheap ($7.95pm)

thinking of it becoming Vogue 1210.

textured double sided knit from Darn Cheap ($7.95pm)

But now I have decisions to make! Which side to be the main fabric, and which side to be the contrast sleeve inset and neckband/ties? Or should I use another pattern entirely like McCalls 6395 or Butterick 5676 or Butterick 5522 (all of which are in my stash)?  How will I decide?  What do you think?


9 thoughts on “which side out?

  1. I have some double sided fabric in my stash. It’s Japanese, linen and printed on both sides. It’s quite the conundrum, because I feel like I’m using up twice as much fabric when-ever I cut into it!

    I do like the first side you show best.

  2. I’d go with the Butterick 5522 and you could use both sides – the reverse as part of the sleeve pattern. That border print is perfect for the croquet dress – it will be gorgeous.

  3. Lara, I’m going to have to stop looking! I’ve just online shopped at Darn Cheap and I have bought 5 patterns seen on your blog. I don’t know which side of the fabric to use and I like the pattern you have featured but the second linked pattern might find its way into my stash too

    1. Rachel, that is HILARIOUS! I do love their fabrics – and sometimes what is online isn’t in the store, so I might need to online shop there too! I am looking forward to using your slip-on Suzie pattern when we’re at Sewjourn if that works for you – I’ll have my Milly dress (size 12) and assorted other StyleARC patterns with me as well. And those O+s ones! At this stage I’m planning on making one item for each child then stretch sewing for me (I think). I am unlikely to get anything much cut out in advance – I’ll just bring boxes full! I have asked childcare for an extra day for Stella on the Friday so I have my fingers VERY crossed that I might get it, since then I’ll be at Sewjourn at 2.00pm! But I won’t know until that week. I’m trying to think of which friends I can beg to take Stella for the day if childcare can’t do it, but my chances aren’t good. Do we need to get you some $$$$ soon?

      Love Lara

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