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the crocheter’s dilemma

African Flowers Hexagon bag in progress

It’s a bag. Well, it will be once I attach the handles and turn it the right side out. And line it. The question is – do I weave in all those ends? Even though they will be hidden by the lining? Or will they work their way out to the right side if I don’t weave them in? To weave, or not to weave? That is my question.


13 thoughts on “the crocheter’s dilemma

  1. I agree with Andrea, they’ll probably work their way out and get really annoying and make you wish you had woven them in. Love the bag, I have been given quite a few african flower motifs and want to make a bag.

  2. I want the bag.
    And yes, I agree about the ends – there are so many that at least some will work their way through. Find a programme or movie you love and sit down with a needle and scissors – it isn’t so bad! Last night I managed to sew in all the ends of a shawl that I knitted with about 26 different wools all mixed up, and I did it front of my favourite soap and the news. Barely felt a thing!

  3. If you don’t weave them in, you’ll kick yourself if they do work their way out! I’d opt for the tedious task of weaving them all in (but it’s easy to say as I’m not the one doing it!!)

  4. As much as I hate to weave in ends, just do it. You’ll feel like you did a more professional job, the ends won’t poke or show through the front, and the inside won’t be lumpy under the lining. Been thinking about making a similar bag. So much crochet, so little time!

  5. One of the most memorable things my grandmother taught me as a child was to autograph my work with excellence (even if others will never know!!!) It has become something I live by!!!
    You know the drill……. weave them in 🙂

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