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tools of the trade

Yesterday I attended a wonderful bag-making class.  I’ve made plenty of bags, but wow, there is always so much more that you can learn!  For starters, who’d have known that some of the handiest tools of the trade for bag-making come from Bunnings…

bag-making tools

I’ll be back with more about the class later!


4 thoughts on “tools of the trade

    1. I thought I’d better strike while the iron was hot, so to speak! Just need a couple of breadboards and some cork coasters and I’ll be set. And yes, they do have those punches in Bunnings!

  1. FOund your blog today and have enjoyed reading it…
    I signed up to follow it and also some of those on your
    extensive blogroll… I Am not sewing much these days
    as I have taken to crochet since I lost my Mom in 9/08..
    Thanx for brightening up my day ~

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