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what I wore – week 10

There hasn’t been as much going on in regards to sewing as I’d have liked.  We’ve had a busy week with family visiting from interstate for Oma’s 80th birthday party, Clare off on Brownies camp for the long weekend, booking our first big family holiday ever, and a variety of other activities.  I have been crocheting during chatting and commuting time, and have managed to complete some hats that I’ll blog soon.  Last night I finally broke my sewing drought by whipping up a dress that I hope to blog later this evening.  But in the meantime, here’s my outfits from week 10.

what I wore- week 10

By half way through the week I went to the special effort of cleaning the mirror that I take my photos in. It took me less than five minutes. Why did I procrastinate so much? And on another note – I had passport photos taken today. If I really do look that old and tired all of the time then I’d better apply for a Seniors card – I reckon that they’d give me one.

I bought a t-shirt dress from the Mesop outlet during the week, and thought that the dressmakers among you might be interested.  It has an attached scarf, gathered in to the front neckline with a twist at the bottom.  I tried a few different ways of wearing it.

scarf wrapping options - Mesop dress with attached scarf
I thought that this was an idea that a few of you might be interested in adapting. Take a t-shirt pattern that fits you well, sew in a scarf! Maybe the scarf/drape could be inserted in the shoulder seams. Not sure – a few things to think about and mull over there.  There are possibly other ways of wearing it too.  There were lots of lovely clothes at Mesop with interesting draping, gathering and pleating in terrific stretch fabrics that I don’t see in fabric stores.

3 thoughts on “what I wore – week 10

  1. Can i just say I am loving your ‘what I wore’ compilations Lara – you are inspiring me to get off my bum and try new things – to rediscover a look for myself so to speak.
    That scarf dress is very interesting – and it’s such a simple concept for a great result.

    PS – passport photos are always dodgy!
    Where are you off to??

  2. I love looking at all your different lovely outfits. It also shows what Melbourne’s weather does.
    Passport photos suck! I took 3 goes to get a photo accepted for my application. In the end my hair was tightly pull off my face, no glasses or makeup or earrings. Aweful! What’s even funnier though is when I go through the automatic processor at the airport. The passport goes in th machine to read the photo and you have to stand in a certain spot with glassees off to match the photo. Instructions come up on a monitor which of course I can’t read because my glasses are off. So I stand there like a dummy only to be told to move on. I don’t think the designers thought of that one.
    Have lots of fun on this holiday.

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