a little bit rock chick?

I came down the stairs, and peered over to see what Clare and Stella were up to at the computer.  Then I noticed the hair.

Stella versus scissors

The hair on the floor. The scissors on the desk. And the chin length chunks cut from around her face and through all the side pieces.

Stella versus scissors before hairdresser salvage

Stella’s hair had just reached a beautiful length, long, thick, strawberry blonde. Easy to plait or put into pigtails to keep it off her face for childcare. She said that she still wanted it to be long, so rather than cut it all off to the shortest lengths – which would have been about ear length – in consultation with the hairdresser we tried for long layers.

rock chick

Now we’re trying to decide if it is a little bit rock chick or a little bit bogan.

rock chick

Either way, she’s happy, and seems to have absorbed the lesson that “next time you want your hair cut, tell Mummy and she will take you to the hairdresser. Do NOT cut it yourself”.

rock chick


22 thoughts on “a little bit rock chick?

  1. Oh dear … my niece did something similar at the same age but slightly more dramatic on just one side. At least it will grow out, in the meantime definitely go with the rock chick vibe!!

  2. I think Miss Stella is very Rock ‘n Roll and definitely not bogan. I also think she’s the most adorable little bundle of mischief. She’ll be super-cute, whatever her hair is doing.

  3. Opps. Surprisingly enough my girls didn’t go for cutting their own hair – but my boy does!!! Luckily clippers work wonderfully on hiding his handiwork…vbg. Love the new look. Very elfish if you know what I mean.

  4. oops! Well done to you to take the time to get a photo of the hair on the floor! Some of us might have been in a little too much of a flap to manage that 🙂 …..but what can you do huh?! She is definitely feeling the rock chick look 🙂

  5. Elfin is what springs to mind for me too – a look that quite suits Miss Stella’s style and personality! She does make me laugh Lara – though I can’t imagine that was your immediate reaction.

  6. My daughter did this at about the same age as well. Wait till she does it to a friend during a sleepover! My daughter has grown up to be a law abiding productive member of society. I am sure Stella will too. Elfin, very definitely.

  7. Hee hee! My 7 year old son has done this twice! Once AFTER he went to the barber and when I asked him why he said he didn’t like the way the barber had cut a fringe in a straight line so he made it “random” – his word! Go the Rock Kids!

  8. Rock Chicks Rule! Miss 5 was caught in the act doing this to a classmate last week! Got a lovely note from the teacher explaining how they had a chat about the inappropriateness of cutting hair! Not happy when I had to speak to the other parent about it to apologise and offer a fix-up haircut!!!!!

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