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loving Fridays

Friday evening again!  The pizza delivery guy will be here any moment, the kids are watching “Rio”, and I’ve got a glass of wine and have exhaled.  Where are those weeks going to?  I thought that it was about time that I shared a little of what I’m up to craft-wise at the moment.  It’s all about works in progress.  Well, mostly.


When I was up in Sydney for Sew It Together last year I bought a Dresden Plate template set. Yes, that was almost a year ago. And I’ve only just got around to doing something with it. I pulled out a set of charm squares and have begun turning them into this:


I’ve got enough squares to make four dresden plates, and I’m planning on using yo-yos in the centre of each one. Then I’ll applique them onto some backing fabric and turn them into…well, something. Just a little project to learn something new with!


I’ve also been doing some softie test-sewing. It is MUCH further along than this photo suggests – just needs stuffing! I love soft toys, but as a general rule I really don’t enjoy making them. So it needs to be a really special toy or person to entice me into making a doll – and this one is both.


I’ve started a shawl in my leftover Wollmeisse Campari Orange yarn. This is meant to be my commuting project, but it’s still at such an early stage that it requires more concentration than the train/tram allows.


So in the meantime I’m still working on this Cap Sleeved Top for myself. It was much further along than in this photo, until I realised that I had somehow missed a stitch somewhere and I have now unravelled it back to not much more than this. Dammit.


This test crochet cardigan for Clare is almost done. I just need to weave in the ends, check the yardage used and the final measurements. It was fun doing a test crochet after having done quite a bit of test sewing in the past.  Same same but different!


And then there is the Parfait dress that I started some months ago. It’s finally being put together, but my machine is making very clunky noises. It is in desperate need of a service, however the servicing day at my local sewing machine shop is Thursday. That is forever away! I strongly suspect that much of this dress will end up being constructed on Clare’s sewing machine.

Pizza is here! Enjoy your weekend everyone!


5 thoughts on “loving Fridays

  1. oooh, I love that range of fabrics you’re using in the Dresdens, I’ve made a quilt and cushion out of them, can’t remember the name now (getting old haha). Love all your projexts, a really good variety.

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