waterlily layer

Generally I have around three crochet projects on the go at any one time.  I like to mix up the complexity level, the portability level, and even the stitch type.  So I can just work on whichever project suits the situation.  In late January and early Feb I completed the Waterlily Layer.

what I wore - 17/02/2012

This vest ticks many of my boxes because it was quite portable, has a variety of stitches, and even varies in complexity within the one project. It’s in one of my favourite garment yarns, Spa.

Waterlily Layer

This is described as a layer rather than a vest because it can be worn in a few ways. My photographer wasn’t available when I snapped these photos in the mirror, so I’ll need to show off the styling possibilities another time. But it can be worn back to front and upside down as well as the more conventional way in these photos.

Waterlily Layer

I really do need some proper photos to do this justice! And the mirror obviously needs cleaning as well. I highly recommend this pattern. I found it enjoyable to crochet and it was well written. It needed major blocking to really show off the stitch pattern, but that wasn’t hard to do. Ravelled here.


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