I have a new crochet love. It’s the popcorn stitch.


Oh, the texture! Oh, the touch! Oh, the yarn usage! With this stitch, I have made a Raspberry Bag (although mine is more Scarlet than Raspberry).


This bag took around three balls of Lincraft Cosy Wool. This yarn goes on special fairly often, so it’s worth waiting for a sale. I enjoyed working with it and my 6.5mm bamboo hook. It’s lined with some groovy button printed fabric, which you can just see peeking out in the photo below.


I am now keenly investigating other bag patterns that involve popcorn stitch. I currently have two contenders, the Taupe Bag and the Dolce Tote.  Although I am also sorely tempted to crochet the Thundersnow Bag, which doesn’t involve the popcorn stitch but does involve wonderful texture.  So many choices!


12 thoughts on “popcorn

  1. Yes the yarn useage, I have a half finished cowl with the same stitch, which I ran out of wool for…..been meaning to pull it out and make something else with it, buts it to nice to rip apart! May have to wear it as is…

  2. I recently re-worked something I started in Popcorn stitch a year ago and realised that the yarn wouldn’t make the distance.

    Anyhoo – crochet is a major direction in handbag fashion fo winter (at least in Europe) so you’d best get hooking!

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