photo a day challenge

photo a day challenge – your handwriting/words

Before I show you my next challenge photo, I have to let you know that I am finding it difficult to find enough words to express how touched I am by the responses to yesterday’s post.  They have brought tears to my eyes and joy to my heart.  Thank you more than I can say.

So this is going from the sublime to the ridiculous!  Here’s my handwriting – it’s my to-do list for yesterday.

photo a day challenge - your handwriting/words

I am a list person, which probably doesn’t surprise many of you. And I put even the most mundane things on my to-do list for the day, so that I will get to cross some things off it (if not all of them).  My little trick to feeling as though I have achieved something.  I like to be organised, and I like to feel that I use my time wisely.  There are never enough hours in the day.

In terms of my handwriting – it’s not all that aesthetically pleasing.  It tends to be a combination of printing and running writing, and I write the letter “a” differently depending on how quickly I am writing (and yes, it can be written differently within the same word).  I went to primary school in the mid-late seventies, but my current writing style doesn’t really reflect what I was taught then.  I altered it when I became a secondary school teacher in order for my students to more easily read it on the black board.  My mother has beautiful handwriting, typical of her era.  Apparently your handwriting can say a lot about you.  I wonder what mine is saying to me?


3 thoughts on “photo a day challenge – your handwriting/words

  1. Thanks for your lovely comment about my dress. I read your post yesterday and am not really sure how to respond, yet it has had me thinking. I grew up in a catholic family. I attended catholic schools from years 1-9 and went to church each Sunday with my family. Once I left home at 18 to attend uni, I stopped going to church. That was 20 years ago now. I still accompany my mum when she’s visiting and have had my children baptised. Even though I’m unsure about my level of faith, I still have an extremely strong cultural connection to the church, if that makes sense. It was an important part of both my family and school life. Even though I don’t attend, I feel completely at home and comfortable if I do.

    When I hear people ‘freak out’ or criticise something or someone for being too religious, I feel a bit sad for them. People appear to have a fear or distaste of religious that is not rational. This seems to be born out of ignorance or inexperience.

    Despite my wavering faith, I feel grateful for my exposure to religion. I feel like it is another area of knowledge or experience I have, that contributes to whom I am, my thoughts, my feelings and my values.

  2. This could have been me writing this post. My handwriting is the same and I write lists. My handwriting varies, like you I do a mixture of print and ‘real running’ writing and also words can contain both as long as people can read it I’m not bothered. Somedays I am neat and others just plain scribbly. As for lists, if I didn’t do one I would forget what I had to do that day, I get so side-tracked and off schedule when I am in my craft room that a list is essential. I’m not fanatical about keeping to the list and some things do get ticked off and undone things get moved to the next days lists. But it does give me a sense of acheivement. I hate it when people say because you stay at home then you are not ‘doing’ anything. Looking at my ticked off list at the end of the day its far from not doing anything.

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