what I wore

what I wore – week 5

Taking a photo of my daily outfit has really made me work my wardrobe!  I am taking more effort over what I wear, trying out some different accessories, and paying more attention to what is in the cupboard.  Yes, I do have a lot of clothes.  I acknowledge that.  And yes, I’ve made a large proportion of them myself.  And others have been in the wardrobe for years.  I have a fair number of hand-me-downs, and a fair number of clothes bought at substantial discount.  I’m finding this an interesting exercise!

what I wore - week 4

Details of each day’s outfit are in my flickr stream on the individual photos.


2 thoughts on “what I wore – week 5

  1. It’s nice seeing how you love colour, texture, shape etc. I am not great at clothes- probably because I haven’t been great at looking at/ after me- I think I am getting better at that, and when I get to sewing for me- well, that will be cool- cause I am hoping to find my colour, texture, style…can it all be linen, cotton and dark?! Your clothes seem pretty diverse to me, I like that!

  2. I had a textile expert collegue who was hit by a car and killed on her last day of long service leave overseas. I had always admired her style, she made most of her own clothes and always looked fantastic. Since her sudden demise I have made a concious effort with my wardrobe dressing well even if I am staying home for the day. Simple and stylish, colour co-ordinated….no more old holey t shirts, if they are only suitable for the paddock, then take a shovel and plant them in the paddock. I am impressed that you are observing through the camera as this does give a different perspective to the mirror.Well done.

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