2012 BAMCAL · crochet

February BAMCAL squares

Nothing like crocheting BAMCAL squares to get the mojo back!  The main February square is called Morning Glory.  Crocheted last night while watching The Sound of Music.

2012 BAMCAL February - Morning Glory

As with all my BAMCAL squares, crocheted in Bendigo Woollen Mills Classic 8 ply with a 4.5 mm hook. It’s okay, but I’m not particularly enamoured. Although I don’t expect to be in love with every square I make for this blanket; it’s the overall effect at the end that I am focused on.

The February filler square is Center Heart.  You know, Valentine’s day and all that.  This was Thursday night’s effort.

2012 BAMCAL February filler - Center Heart Square

Like the other square, it’s alright, but not exceptional. That’s all to do with how I arranged the colours, not the patterns (which were great).  I did enjoy crocheting both these square though – I love the process! I’m already looking forward to the March squares. And thinking that I’ll need to join these in a light colour – otherwise this blanket will look way to dark. Plenty of time to think about that though!


6 thoughts on “February BAMCAL squares

  1. Yours look great. Fantastic colours and so very neat!! I’m trying to summon up some enthusiasm for this month’s squares without much success so far … I just don’t like the pattern for the main square; it doesn’t grab me.

  2. they look so great! your colours look vintage inspired 😀
    i am s-t-ruggling with that heart one! going up a hook size or two as it is just too curly 😐
    can’t wait for the march ones either 😀

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