what I wore

what I wore – week 3

I’ve just begun seven days of contract work in the country near my parents’ place.  The girls are having a lovely time being looked after by Grandma and Pa while I am working.  My husband is at home being looked after by his mother while he is working, as he is still on crutches and finding it hard to do things.  The cavalry really has come to the rescue!  Anyway, here is the last week of what I wore. We get a new mirror and a new background while I’m staying with Mum and Dad.

what I wore - week 3

I arrived home from work today to happy children, a lovely cool brandy & dry and the enticing aroma of dinner being served. How wonderful is that!


4 thoughts on “what I wore – week 3

  1. I love this – I too marvel at the variety of colours and styles you wear Lara – I struggle to know what to wear and end up wearing either the same/similar things or lots of black.
    How lovely to have a drink and dinner on return, make the most of it!

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