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Vogue 1247 skirt

You may have glimpsed this skirt in last week’s “what I wore” mosaic.  It’s Vogue 1247.

Vogue 1247 skirt

This photo was taken at the end of the day, so it’s a little creased! This is quite a popular skirt on Pattern Review. Like pretty much everyone else, I lengthened it (around 3 or 4 inches, I think) and only took a tiny hem. I think that it would have been okay a little shorter though! The most intriguing feature of this pattern are the pockets.

Vogue 1247 skirt - front view

There they are, in the seam between the yoke and the bottom part of the skirt! I really like the way that they are inserted. I used some left over Kaffe Fassett voile to line them. I am also extremely proud of my invisible zip efforts in the back of this skirt, and that I managed to line up the yoke seams pretty much perfectly. I did use a hook and eye right at the top of the zip to keep it closed nicely.

Vogue 1247 skirt - check out that invisible zip & seam matching!

The fabric is stretch cotton drill that was languishing in stash. I used my overlocker to finish seams, rather than the binding suggested by the pattern. I also left off the waistband completely, although that wasn’t part of my original plan. I did the right thing by trying this skirt on as I went along. I’d cut out the size 12, which I though would be more than big enough around my hips, and figured that if I left out the darts that were in the yoke it would still fit my size 16 waist. When I tried it on, I had to sew up the darts as per the size 12 markings, then it fitted well. So I cut out the waistband at size 12, and wrapped it around me. There was absolutely NO WAY that it was going to go anywhere remotely near fitting me. I presume that the yoke would have needed quite a lot of easing to fit into the waistband. In the end I used bias binding to finish the top of the yoke. Which was a good solution for me really – I don’t especially like waistbands.

Vogue 1247 skirt

I stitched the hem down with a triple straight stitch, and will possible go back and do another two rows as a topstitching feature.  I recommend this pattern, and the next time that I make it (and there will be a next time – it’s already cut out) I’ll take it in a little more, and maybe sew it a fraction shorter. Because I made this one out of a stretch woven (as is the next) it does tend to give and bag out a little during wear. I’d also like to make the top that is in the same pattern.


11 thoughts on “Vogue 1247 skirt

  1. The perfect work skirt! thank you for the review and bringing this pattern to my attention! I must have missed it when CMarie12 posted it last year. It looks great on you and your comment on the waistband is spot on! I dislike them too, so its good to know that binding it would work just as well.

  2. I love this skirt. But beyond the skirt, may I just tell you that I love how you approach fitting. I don’t know how to explain it, but you have helped me have a healthier acceptance of my own figure not conforming to standard proportions. It has always been a struggle for me to alter patterns — it feels like admitting that I am not built according to “the ideal”. I know this is silly, but I’m just saying that this is the counter-productive self-talk I’ve encumbered myself with for 40 years or so, and I am helped to see how you just alter where needed, no blood, sweat or tears about it!

  3. That skirt looks great, particularly with the top you chose. I would never have looked twice at that pattern in the catalog (it really activates my “not me” filter). But you’ve made it a wearable choice.

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