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Burda 7517 for Freya

Well, as sad as I am to replace the youtube clip in the below post (which you have obviously enjoyed very much!) it is now time to move on and update what I’ve been making!  I sewed my special cousin Freya a dress for her birthday – Burda 7517, which I’ve made before for myself.

Burda 7517 on Freya

And it fits her perfectly! I used a stretch cotton/lycra sateen from Spotlight. Love the ikat print! The striped ribbon is from Ribbons Galore.  I’d actually bought the ribbon before I bought the fabric, purely because I liked it.  They’re a perfect match!

Burda 7517 for Freya

This really is a terrific pattern.  Freya and I wear pretty much the same size in clothes but are quite differently shaped.  She has an hourglass figure with a teeny waist, and I have a thick waist but slim hips and thighs.  But this dress works well on both of us!

Burda 7517 on Freya

I didn’t make any changes to how I’d made this dress last time. I used an invisible zip in the side seam, and was very pleased with just how invisible it was. A proper invisible zipper foot makes a huge difference. I sewed the armhole binding to the dress before I sewed the side seams, but only topstitched the armhole binding into place afterwards. This gave me a nice finish around the armholes.

Burda 7517 for Freya

I took a 3 inch hem, and used the blind hem stitch on the machine to stitch it into place. I don’t know why I haven’t used this stitch more in the past! So overall, a success. I highly recommend this pattern!

Burda 7517 on Freya


7 thoughts on “Burda 7517 for Freya

  1. It looks lovely. I bought this pattern purely on the basis of how great your Christmas dress turned out and now with this I definitely have to make it. I don’t have an invisible zip foot with my machine though. Have to get that too.

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