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Vogue 1250 maxi-mised

I enjoyed wearing my Simplicity maxi dress so much that I maxi-mised another pattern, Vogue 1250.  This is not a new idea – there are some wonderful maxi versions of this pattern over at Pattern Review.

Vogue 1250 maxi-mised

This was quite straightforward – I just added length! For ease of walking, I inserted a triangular godet into the centre back seam. You can see the shape of it here. I quite enjoyed doing the little bit of maths to work out where I wanted the point to be – at knee height – and how wide to make it. If I were doing it again I’d insert it higher and make it wider, but it is quite wearable as it is.

Vogue 1250 with centre back godet

The fabric is from the Darn Cheap Fabrics $2 per metre table. I suspect that it is polyester. It has a lovely hand and drape.

Vogue 1250 maxi-mised

After having these photos taken I realised that the dress is a fraction too long as it is. I’ll shorten it by an inch or so before I wear it next. As with the orange version, I deepened the cowl self-facing to around double it’s original depth. I also shortened the bodice depth, as previously.  There are now a couple of other maxi dresses being planned in my imagination.

Vogue 1250 maxi-mised


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