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what I wore

A week ago I began taking a quick snap of my daily outfit.  I thought that it would be a good way to gauge what clothing I really DO wear, rather than what I think I wear, and to help me plan and consolidate my wardrobe.  I have uploaded these photos to flickr each day.  At the end of week one, we have this:

What I wore: 04/12/2011-10/01/2012

What I’ve noticed so far: every day I wear at least one item that I have made myself. Hooray! And the other thing that I’ve noticed is that although I didn’t plan on advertising the fact that I am taking these daily “what I wore” photos (and I won’t subject you to them on my blog on a regular basis, rest assured) there are lots of people looking at them! One photo has had 17 views, but another has had over 90 views! Who is looking at these? And why, I wonder?  How did they stumble across them?  Most of my flickr photos get only a couple of views.

Oh, in other news – the rollerskating birthday party for Clare was a massive success. EXCEPT (you were waiting for that part, weren’t you) when my husband decided to take part in the speed skate – approximately 35 years after the last time he roller-skated – he fell over and has injured his knee. A lot. When you have a contest of concrete versus knee, the polished concrete definitely wins. The MRI yesterday has confirmed that he will need surgery to reattach a small piece of the tibia that has been torn off by a ligament. Whoops. So we have a bruised ego (and wallet) as well. At least all the kids were uninjured and had the time of their lives…


9 thoughts on “what I wore

  1. It’s something in the air because I thought that I needed to do this too and took my first picture of me wearing an outfit at work today! Now to see if I can keep it up. Love your collage and love the fact that you shared this with us!

  2. It’s a great idea … I know that I would find myself wearing a tiny percentage of my wardrobe. At the moment jeans and roll-neck jumpers are my ‘uniform’ when not at work. I’m going to make a conscious effort to dig a skirt out of the closet this morning for work as I don’t think I possess a dress for normal daywear (or at least that fits!).

  3. It’s a great idea documenting what you are wearing. It’s why I love the me-made and self stitched months so much.

    Sorry to hear about your husband’s knee. Silly duffer! (totally something I would do).

  4. I’m new to the blog but I love the what-I-wore idea. I know 75 percent of my closet would never be seen. Perhaps it’s lurkers like me who drive up your Flickr counts – I just spent 5 minutes scrolling through Flickr photos because of the wardrobe post, seeing things I otherwise missed. I’m in AK and so envious you have summer now. We have winter and -3 degrees F, with snow and snow and more snow. I’m using all the indoor time to learn crocheting, which is what brought me to your blog in the first place. Your projects have me scheming to find more crochet time! Thanks for a great blog. =)

  5. OUCH! Hopethe Mr, his knee and pride are all back in top form soon,

    And my…aren’t you a stylish gal? I reckon you could do the odd mosaic of this sort on a semi-regular basis. It’s great to see how the handmade garments blend so well into an everyday lifestyle wardrobe, while being distinctive and original.

  6. Last time I went rollerskating was at my son’s birthday party and that was over 15 years ago. The boy in front of me fell I leaned back (can’t do that with round wheels) and I fell cracking my elbow, went to hospital, therapy, etc, etc….

    I’ve learned as you get older that bones don’t bounce anymore.

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