2012 BAMCAL · crochet

January BAMCAL squares

I dived straight into my January BAMCAL squares.  There are actually three squares posted each month – the 12 inch square for the month, a 12 inch “filler” square for if you want more, and a 6 inch square. I’m doing both of the 12 inch squares. The first square, Pretty Petals, was completed on 1st January.

2012 BAMCAL January - Pretty Petals

The second square, Drop in the Bucket, was completed on 4th January.

2012 BAMCAL January Filler - Drop in the Bucket

Both these squares came out to 9.5 inches square, since they are being worked in 8 ply with a 4.5mm hook. I think that I am going to adore this blanket. Mr thornberry likes them too!


15 thoughts on “January BAMCAL squares

  1. I love your colour selections. I’ve made both squares and am working on the 6″ one now, but I’m having all sorts of trouble deciding when to change colour … and which colour to use next!! Guess that comes with practice!

  2. oh wowowowow! so quick! i only ordered my wool on 1st january so i’m still waiting for it to arrive. waiting. waiting. waiting. very impatiently ha ha!
    can’t wait to get stuck in!
    did you block these ones out? they look super even!

    1. Thanks Nicole! I have blocked them, but only with a steam iron held above the square pouring out steam, then using my hands to gently block it into shape. I think that I am a fairly even crocheter! I’m not surprised that you can’t wait for your yarn to arrive.

  3. These look beautiful Lara. I m going for all solids as this is my first year making an afghan. Need to get my head around the process first, then will go for colours next year! I am practicing on some little squares doing some colour changes to see what I think. Thank you for inspiring me!

  4. Beautiful job your squares are so much more neater than mine. LOL, I skim through the posts each day and blew by your first square, went hey, went back and sure enough it was your colours.

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