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2011 wrap-up #5 – sewn for me, part 2

Finally, the last of my 2011 wrap-up mosaics!  Yes, I have sewn a lot for myself.  I was rather surprised actually when I put these together!  Obviously, I am aware that I sew regularly (I call it my therapy) but hadn’t realised just how much is produced by me and my Pinnock.  Many of these garments don’t take long to sew, which is part of the reason why.  As is having a dedicated sewing room, where I can leave projects inbetween seams and items still half cut-out.  Back in the days where I sewed on the dining room table I was much less productive.

2011 sewn for me #2

Although I haven’t yet identified a favourite garment from the past year, there is definitely a biggest loser – Vogue 8323 (centre photo in the first row of the mosaic).  Straight to the oppy with that one.  As part of my goal to be more mindful this year, I have been thinking about which garments I actually wear and which ones I don’t. Upon analysis I realise that I love to sew wovens but I love to wear knits.  My lifestyle is a fairly casual one, and even at work the dress code is more smart casual than formal.  The clothes that I have sewn reflect that.  I don’t need tailored jackets and fitted skirts.  And I don’t really like wearing anything that feels constricting – especially when my weight is at the upper end of my usual, as it was during winter.  During these holidays I’m going to go through my wardrobe again and ditch anything that I don’t really wear much, no matter how much I like the fabric or enjoyed the process of sewing it.  If I’m not wearing it, someone else might like the opportunity.  I received the Colette sewing book for Christmas, and she has a section on personal style.  Time for me to work through that I think and reflect on what I have and what I wear in order to better plan my sewing projects for 2012.

And if you haven’t already, do check out this blog post from Shannon about her sewing room.  It is my idea of PERFECT!  Just so beautifully organised.  Although I am very happy with my room, hers is pretty much the ultimate!


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