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David’s slouch bag

A few years ago I made my then teenaged nephew Mikey a slouch bag for Christmas.  It was a huge hit – so I made his younger brother David one for his 18th birthday (which was actually back in March…it’s now December….oh well).

David's Large Slouch Bag

This is practically a copy of the bag I made for Clare’s teacher last year. Ikea fabric outer, Ikea lining, and this one has an interior pocket made of Curlypops fabric.

David's Large Slouch Bag

How do you successfully photograph the inside of bags? There is a zippered inside pocket on the other side, and a key leash. Lots of heavy duty plastic hardware and black webbing strap really makes the bag a little more masculine.

David's Large Slouch Bag

I have made loads of Large Slouch bags now – it’s such a versatile pattern and suitable for men and women. And it holds a tonne! According to the boys it easily holds a six-pack and whatever change of clothes they need when they go out for the evening or a laptop and textbooks for uni. And it’s great on the bike as the strap adjusts to fit comfortably across the body when riding.

David's Large Slouch Bag

Pattern from Nicole Mallalieu Design – check her website for stockists now that she is going wholesale and you’ll be able to buy the pattern somewhere near you (or still online)!

David's Large Slouch Bag

And yes, despite it’s lateness, David LOVES his bag! Hooray!  By the way, my two girls adore their “big boy cousins”.  Clare made them a little present.

By Clare for her cousins

These two young men are amazing in the way they play with my girls and indulge their every whim.  They are incredibly tolerant and loving, and are such mature,  intelligent and personable young adults.  It is so heartening to see!

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