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feeling freer

That’s what happens when I have a weekend away at Sewjourn.  I feel freer.  It’s that uninterrupted time to immerse myself in the crafty part of me.  And to immerse myself in the creativity, inspiration, understanding, support, friendship, love, laughter, thoughtfulness and intelligence that is such an intrinsic part of my Sewjourning companions*.

Sewjourners November 2011

So Nikki, Karen, Tanya, Megan, Annie, Rachel and Kathryn – thank you all! And thanks for the lovely food and wine (and chocolate) as well.

Do you want to see what we got up to?

crafting at Sewjourn - November 2011

Karen and Nikki have written wonderful comprehensive accounts of our weekend over here and here.  They’ve done all the hard work for me!

And as for what I made:

  • Simplicity sleeveless top
  • StyleARC Alice top
  • vintage nightdress
  • pillowcase nightdress for Clare
  • pillowcase nightdress for Stella
  • skirt for Clare
  • Skirt for Stella
  • finished Clare’s bathers (they needed elastic)
  • finished assembling a voile top with crocheted yoke for me
  • Simplicity drape front top
  • Butterick caftan style tunic dress
  • half a jacket.

Whew! Lots of future blog fodder there.  Are you amazed at how much sewing you can do in 48 hours with focus, determination and inadequate hours of sleep?  You’d think that I’d have worked it out by now – but it still does manage to surprise me.

*Jodie and Catherine – you were there in spirit and in our conversation!


10 thoughts on “feeling freer

  1. Fantastic! It’s great how no interruptions from home can increase your productivity! I’m itching to have a weekend in the sewing room, but alas two weekends of mulching and garage cleaning call! Maybe by December …

  2. Hmmm, woman behind the camera, did anyone take a photo of you? Love your photos too. I thought your ‘pile’ of completed loot was impressive on the weekend…to see it in dot point form is nearly equally impressive. Thank you for a weekend that I really needed.

  3. I don’t believe. Maybe you could get all that done in 48 hours but not me. I’d probably get a couple of things done. Sounds like you had a great time I’ll be looking forward to all the future blog fodder 🙂

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