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prints charming skirt #2

A few finished skirts from Karen’s SIT Sew What Skirts Sewalong have appeared in blogland lately.  Time for me to share my latest one!


The skirt front fabrics are all from Prints Charming, and I used a modified version of my a-line skirt pattern to make a knee length skirt with a side zip and a facing at the waist rather than a yoke.  I sewed the zip onto the outside of the skirt for a little bit of fun – not that anyone will ever see it, but I know it’s there.


The fabric for the back is a self-stripe from stash, and I used striped bias binding for the inside hem. I now wish that I’d let it peek out a little like Sheridan’s.  I am planning to do some embroidery on this skirt (and the one I made earlier) but don’t hold your breath.  Have a look at Karen’s and Donna‘s and Gillian’s skirts too – just gorgeous!  I’m impressed at how the different colour palettes really alter the look of the skirt.  Although it’s probably a good thing that we live in different cities since otherwise we definitely run the risk of all turning up to the same event wearing the same style of skirt…


The cardi is the Everyday Cardi from Crochet Today! – details here and Ravelled here.


11 thoughts on “prints charming skirt #2

  1. Fantastic skirt. Makes me want to get all my PC bits out and start sewing. I am loving the blog and all the updates. Did the Nikki class and I want to make lots of stuff.

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