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non-maternity jeans

I bought a pair of Rock and Republic jeans for $2 at the Lancefield op shop last weekend.  They looked as though they’d never been worn, so I just bought them figuring that they looked as though they’d fit me.  When I did try them on, the fit through the legs and hips was great – except that the rise was TINY!  These jeans were so low cut that they were almost indecent even before bending over.  So I did what any self respecting seamstress should do – I cut off the waistband and replaced it with a wide stretchy band of ponte knit.


These are now extremely comfortable and the rise is more than socially acceptable. I usually wear fairly long tops, so the chances of the band being seen are very slim. I did remove a few rivets and the zipper pull before stitching the band to the jeans – no need to break any overlocker needles!


There are a multitude of tutorials for converting regular jeans into maternity jeans, and I suppose that what I have done is pretty much the same – except easier!  The rectangle I cut out for the band is a few inches shorter than my waist measurement, which should keep it tight enough to keep my jeans up.  It had to be stretched a bit to fit it onto the jeans.  So there you go – convert your uncomfortable jeans with too-tight and/or too-low waistbands into these comfy “maternity” jeans! 


6 thoughts on “non-maternity jeans

  1. Come on Lara, where’s the modeling photo? They look great and I’d do the same except some of my jeans ARE my maternity jeans. Well done.

  2. I’ve been complaining lately about my post-pregnancy shape: pants that fit in the hips and behind are too tight around the middle and vice versa. My maternity pants (like this style here) fall down now that my little boy isn’t there to hold them up. 🙂 It never occurred to me to take the waist off of pants that fit everywhere else and replace them with a maternity-style band. I’m going to dig through my closet right now – bless your creative mind! 🙂

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