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Prints Charming skirt #1

Like pretty much every other woman doing the shopping trip at SIT in Sydney, I bought a couple of “scrap packs” of Prints Charming fabric.  We were inspired by skirts like these that were hanging up there are being worn by the lovely staff.

Sew It Together 2011- Sydney

A couple of weeks ago I was going through my scrap packs and pulled out some of the larger pieces. A few hours and my favourite A-line skirt pattern later, I had this skirt.

Prints Charming skirt #1

I used some linen that I had in stash for the back. And here’s where I show you all the things that I could have done better but chose not to worry about.

Prints Charming skirt #1

Centre back zip. I haven’t lined the yokes up exactly. Well, they were pinned so that they lined up exactly, but without basting into place before stitching it is almost inevitable that they will end up out of alignment by a couple of millimetres.

Prints Charming skirt #1

Rather than hand-stitching the yoke facing to the zip, I just re-stitched over the previous zip insertion lines. And the overlocker thread doesn’t match (Carolyn would be horrified!). But it was finished in time to wear to church (and it would have looked much less wrinkled if I’d taken the photos before church rather than after).

Prints Charming skirt #1

Since I never tuck anything in, and because most people don’t investigate the inside of my garments, no-one else (other than everyone reading this blog post) will ever know about the “imperfections”. I sacrificed finish a little bit for speed in this case. Although the hem is lovely – it’s faced with bias binding – and I think that I pieced together the front well. It’s sometimes difficult to reconcile the competing pressures of time and finished product. Sometimes near enough is good enough.

Prints Charming skirt #1

There will be more Prints Charming pieced skirts to come!


16 thoughts on “Prints Charming skirt #1

    1. The pattern is one that a friend drafted for herself and kindly let me copy. I’m sure that it would be easy to find that one is similar. The Sew What Skirts book takes you through how to draft your own A-line skirt with yoke as well – it’s worth a look.

  1. Well done! My name’s just come up for Sew What Skirts at the library, so hopefully I’ll be making my own soon 🙂 I was wondering what to use for the back bits – linen sounds good 🙂

  2. I’m not totally horrified…I mean I’m scared of my new serger so I’ve made a few things without changing and matching the serger threads. *LOL* However, I do love the skirt! It is really kewl…and it’s got me thinking about making one of my own!

  3. Near enough looks pretty darn hot! Love it!

    ….and BTW – there’s a good chance that that skirt pattern will be available commercially before the year is out!! Shhh… 😉

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