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Clare’s listening doll

Clare's listening doll

Clare’s amazing art teacher Sue has been at it again.  Over the past few weeks the grade 2 & 3 kids have been making “listening dolls”.

Clare's listening doll

The kids sculpted the heads and hands of their dolls from clay, drew the faces, built the bodies and sewed and decorated the clothing.  The dolls are part of a tradition created by the Pueblo Indians of New Mexico around storytelling and oral history (there is some more detail about them here and here and there is even a lesson plan here).

Clare's listening doll

Don’t kids participate in wonderful things at school!  I love this – and so does Clare.

3 thoughts on “Clare’s listening doll

  1. So pleased Clare has a great art teacher – my girls have gone through primary school with an art teacher that everyone is scared of – even the parents! I think I have seen her smile once in the 8 years we have been there. Why do people like this work with children?

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