Eva’s shawl

So, did you miss me? I haven’t posted for a week – which is a very long time for me.  School holiday activities have kept us busy, with a funeral for a family friend thrown into the mix.  I’ve been doing lots of thinking and pondering – a sudden death will often prompt that – and no doubt I’ll share some of my thoughts with you over the next week or so.  But in the interim, I’ll share some of the things I completed before the last week got quite so busy and so real.

This is Eva’s Shawl, crocheted with 10 balls of Moda Vera Cynthia (tencel/acrylic) and a 6.5mm hook.  Easy peasy!

Eva's Shawl

Spotlight are clearing this yarn at $1 per ball at the moment. It’s got beautiful drape. There are definitely some good acrylic blends around!

Eva's Shawl

This pattern is a three row repeat. It looks lovely in different weights of yarn – you can see Leah’s great version here and and Michelle is hooking one up possibly as I type.  This will be great at work when I often get a little chilly (I work at a computer all day).

Eva's Shawl

But to finish off for today, the Gazanias that substitute for a front fence at my parent’s house.  Spectacular!



14 thoughts on “Eva’s shawl

  1. So that’s where all the dollar balls of yarn went! You used ’em well. Bet you’re wishing winter were hanging on a wee while longer.

    Any flower with a name like ‘Gazania’ should consider it a calling to be ‘out’ and ‘loud’. Spectacular indeedy.

  2. of course we missed you! You’ve kept that machine a humming, all of the yummy tops for your summer. Have you tried using quilting gloves, some fresh clean gardening gloves while quilting on your machine? I hear that it helps grip the fabric.

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