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Another Jalie 2804

It’s the Jalie 2804 Empire Crossover Top again, in a soft mystery remnant from stash.

Jalie 2804 Empire Crossover Top again

This time I added the modesty panel, and still did the ruched front overlay with long sleeves. The fabric was a lot softer than the wool jersey I used last time, and I had to take it in a little through the body.

Jalie 2804 Empire Crossover Top again

I’m not quite certain about the modesty panel – although it means I didn’t have to bother with a camisole underneath, it pulls on the armhole. It also means that if you’re included the ruched front overlay there are five layers of fabric to seam together at the centre front. That wasn’t an issue with this soft fabric, and you can’t really see the pulling because of the print, but if I’m making it again in a plain fabric I won’t include the modesty panel.

Jalie 2804 Empire Crossover Top again

This is a great pattern; I think it would flatter many figures.  I’ve seen a few maternity/breastfeeding versions of it over on Pattern Review too; someone asked me whether they thought it would work for that, so clearly it would (not that I will be needing it for maternity or breastfeeding, my time for all of that is well and truly over). 

Poor little Stella has been sick for the past five days with an URTI and fever.  She asked me on Friday if I’d make her a pink poncho.  How could I refuse an ill child?  It was finished this morning and I shall show it off as soon as she actually agrees to try it on… We’ve also been the house of pom-poms and twisted cords this weekend.  The kids and their friends have been kept busy for hours with garish acrylic yarn and pom-pom makers.  What fun!


8 thoughts on “Another Jalie 2804

  1. It is a very nice top. I love finding a use for a fabric in my stash that I have carried around for years, can’t remember wher or why I bought it, and finally put the fabric and pattern together. Well done.

  2. I really love your posts Lara!!! I admire your sewing capacities… I for sure can’t sew a thing. And I like that you are always smiling…
    Sorry that Stella is ill… hope she gets better soon so you can all be happier! good for the pink poncho!!

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