Golden Hands Hats

So, away from politics and back to the crochet hat pattern from Golden Hands!


I used 8 ply from stash, primarily wool, with a 4.5mm hook. Whipped up a hat for myself:


then whipped up another for a friend who always wears hats.

Rachael's purple hat

I reckon that this pattern has stood the test of time.


7 thoughts on “Golden Hands Hats

  1. I have most of the Golden Hands series that belonged to my Mum – I love them but haven’t learned to crochet…one day as they look awesome!!! I love your vintage crochet posts and seem to have lots of patterns among Mum’s stuff but she never crochet – that I know of..

  2. Hi, I think I saw you at Flinders St station on Monday morning – I let you go in front of me at the exit (at least I think it was you coz I thought your scarf/shawl and glasses looked familiar).
    How exciting to be recognised from your blog!!
    Hope you didn’t mind a stranger trying to discreetly check-out your outfit in case you had something new on.

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