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Jalie 2804 Empire Crossover Top

I snuck in a quick hour of sewing one evening last week – the top was already cut out, and I assembled it on the overlocker.  The pattern is Jalie 2804 Empire Crossover Top.  For Australians interested in Jalie patterns, I bought these through Pattern Review.

Jalie 2804 Empire Crossover Top

The fabric is wool jersey from The Fabric Store.  I made the long-sleeved version (well duh, you can see that from the photo) with the ruched lower front overlay.  I left out the modesty panel, but on reflection it may have been useful to include it.  I find v-necklines flattering on me and don’t really mind showing some cleavage, but at this depth it is better with a camisole under it or scarf over it for the workplace (casually it’s fine as it is). I cut size W with no modifications. I like fitted, but not tight.

Jalie 2804 Empire Crossover Top

The back view is interesting because I’ve noticed lately when looking at photos taken from behind that my right shoulder and shoulder blade are higher than the left, and there are some interesting drag lines as a result. They’re partly from the way I’m standing, but I’ve noticed a pattern. I carry my handbags on my right shoulder, and they tend to be filled to the brim. I wonder if I’ve been trying to compensate for the weight by lifting up that shoulder. I might need to think about how I can modify patterns to accomodate it. It’s still no worse than anything I’d buy ready to wear, but part of the joy of sewing for myself is about the finished product, not just the process.

Jalie 2804 Empire Crossover Top

I suspect that this pattern is going to get a real workout in a variety of fabrics and sleeve lengths, with and without the ruched front.


16 thoughts on “Jalie 2804 Empire Crossover Top

  1. It looks lovely on you Lara – what a great colour (I wonder you have just been to The Fabric Store sale??). I’m off to investigate that pattern. I really like the empire line and the neckline.

  2. What a great, comfy looking top – and I agree, this is definitely your colour Lara 🙂

    I wouldn’t go altering patterns to fit a raised shoulder – maybe consider some massage or Pilates sessions, or something to get your posture back into balance? I only say that because if you’re compensating by changing your posture, you might end up causing yourself muscular pain as well. This is one of the reasons I love to wear a bag with a long strap, accross the body – it doesn’t suit me particularly, but it’s much better for my posture. (Plus I have both hands free for small-hand-holding – very important!)

  3. I love this pattern – it looks great on you! I found you whilst googling. I’m trying to see other pics to decide whether or not to make my next Jalie with a print or plain (my last was a plain red cotton/spandex, and it was just the plain crossover – not the empire).
    You can buy Jalie patterns locally at the crafty mamas store…though with the $Aussie being so highly valued it’s probably cheaper O/S at the moment.

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