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My creative space…

It’s been all about the hook lately.  I’ve discovered the joys of chunky yarn – the speed, the quick satisfaction!

My creative space

These hexagons have been sitting in my creative space for a few weeks, waiting to be rearranged into a bag. I crocheted over 50 of them, pinned them all together according to the pattern I was using, and discovered that in 8 ply yarn and with extra hexes to accomodate the handles I was using, the bag would be absolutely huge and way too heavy. Now I need to rearrange them again and pin them again using less than before – which means I’ll have hexagons left over. What shall I do with them?

In a spare hour on the weekend I whipped up a beanie for Mr Thornberry. And I do mean whipped up – in chunky Shadow Tweed yarn with a 9mm hook this took less than a hour to make.

Truffle shuffle skully

The pattern is Truffle Shuffle Skully.  I chained 21 instead of 19 to start off with, but probably could have done with 23 chain to fit better.  Have I already said that this was quick?

Truffle shuffle skully

In the past week I’ve also finished a chunky cardi for myself and have started on a poncho for Clare.  I need to crochet edging on a knitted vest for my Mum, and keep working on a shawl I’ve started.  Then there is the Wool-Eater Blanket I started about a year ago that could do with more work…but I also need to crochet a wrapped vest and some more shawls and and and and….

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13 thoughts on “My creative space…

  1. Hooking with chunky yarn is so very satisfying!!

    Re the extra hexagons – scarf? beanie? a little coin purse? cushion cover? They look like rather lovely hexes, it would be sad to see them sitting in the cupboard where no one can see them!!

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