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My creative space…

There have been circles in my creative space (and not just the circles that I constantly run around in).


I am fairly certain that these have been inspired by a skirt that Jodie started to embellish at Sewjourn and by appliqued and embroidered circles that Cam has been working on at NCB as well as embellished skirts in a book I own.  I stared at the fabric stash and pulled out this fine wool that was originally part of June’s stash.  I threw conventional colour rules out the window and paired it with bright felt and a Kaffe Fasset buttons print. And a bright orange invisible zip!


I used the print as the yoke lining, as flat piping between the yoke and skirt panels, and to bind the hem. The zipper could have been inserted a little better so that the yokes lined up perfectly, but as I’ve heard the professionals say it’s OFM – only for me!  And we all know that I never tuck in my tops!

Circles skirt

Edited to add:  The crocheted scarf is made from a pattern by Sarah London, called Loopy Loops.  The original pattern joined the loops to become a blanket – I stopped at a scarf.  I made the scarf back in 2008 and the pattern was on her old blogspot blog.  I don’t think that it is available on her new wordpress one.

The circles are cut from wool felt. I traced around a couple of different sizes of thread reels, cut out plenty of circles, then played around with them until I got a result that looked okay. Then the feed dogs were lowered and the darning foot attached, some upholstery thread loaded and a jeans needle inserted, and away I went with some very sketchy free-motion stitching!


I worked on this a little bit each day for a week or so, with the idea evolving as I went. I really enjoyed making something without a defined outcome in my mind. It fits beautifully and I feel terrific in it.


And the wrap vest? Completely inspired by Leonie and Kirsty, made from a rectangle of stretch boucle fabric from the aforementioned June’s stash, with armholes cut into it then bound.  All raw edges otherwise.  Took me less than half an hour to make – and I made one for Clare as well…

Visit Kirsty for more creative spaces!


32 thoughts on “My creative space…

  1. I LOVE the circles, the bright colours, the scarf too – the skirt is just fabulous and you’ve done a great job. Well done too on just going with the design in your head. I know you think you’re not ‘creative’ sometimes – which is clearly bollocks! Superb.

  2. Fantastic! Love both the skirt and the wrap! I am forever inserting coloured zippers in my skirts – it’s the only way I know how!

    Thanks for the inspiration – I’m looking forward to putting some circles in my future!

  3. Your skirts such a great advertisement for letting yourself go creatively. It turned out so well. I’ve had the same idea kicking around in my head for a cushion since Finki announced circles back in January (I think that’s the month) and still haven’t got around to it.

  4. Lara, not only have you reminded me i never blogged my finished skirt – but you have blown me away with that skirt – I adore it !!! Of course you feel good in it , it looks a million dollars…

    I might just be inspired enough to make another skirt ….

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