vintage crochet

Vintage crochet Friday #66

Is it still Friday somewhere?  I’ve just had Saturday brunch with my family, so it’s definitely not Friday here.  Both my children were beautifully behaved in the cafe, and Stella even sat still in her chair for half an hour!  Maybe more civilised times are ahead of us…

So, back to the crochet!  Gypsy gave me a couple of crochet pattern books recently.  This is the cover shot of one of them:


Just the thing to wear over your shiny satin jumpsuits, ladies! These photos are simply screaming for captions.


Have a lovely weekend!


5 thoughts on “Vintage crochet Friday #66

  1. yes, I have 24 minutes left of Friday! I’ll pass on these retro items and leave the captions to someone else. But the satin jumpsuits sure looks like what we called Quiana nylon. It was all the rage in mid ’70’s. I remember sewing a deep red blouse with keyhole neck, long pointy collar and self-tie belt. Oh dear.

  2. Hey there Silver Lady. Did you like that triple scotch I poured for you? Looks like you are pretty darn tipsy there. You’d have to be to put yourself in a silver number like that!

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