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My creative space…

If you take a look in my creative space this week you will find yarn, and plenty of it.  Especially yarn in skeins, needing to be wound into balls.  And this handy item:


Yes, it’s a turkey baster. So what does a turkey baster have to do with yarn, I hear you ask? Well thanks to an excellent post from Salihan Crafts I have discovered the perfect low cost tool to help me wind yarn into balls.  You thread one end of the yarn down the centre (after taking off the rubber top, of course) and then wind the yarn around and around the baster.  It’s easy to remove when the ball is wound.  Thanks so much Salihan for putting me onto such a great idea!

The pink yarn is beautiful sqishy 4 ply merino from Pear Tree Yarn, bought at Stitches and Craft last year to crochet a wrap jacket for Clare.  Better get it started ASAP so that I have an excuse to buy some more yarn at this year’s Stitches in a couple of weeks time!

For more creative spaces pop over to visit Kirsty – definitely the host with the most!

9 thoughts on “My creative space…

  1. Brilliant! I am so buying a turkey baster next time I’m shopping. There will be eyebrows raised, I’m sure 🙂 (Does anyone actually use turkey basters for, um, basting turkeys?!)

  2. Lara, there was a time when I thought a ball winder was a total extravagance, now I can’t live without it! I bought mine from ebay for $20 after watching them for a month or so. I also was gifted an old skein winder, but had planned to make my own from a great tutorial I found online. One advantage of a winder is that it can wind yarn looser than a person does it and this is important for the yarn to retain proper tension. When yarn is used from a hand wound ball it gradually relaxes and the gauge of the finished fabric tightens – I know – the things you learn!!

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