Brooching the subject

Sometimes I am a little pedantic.  I loathe mis-spelling and the incorrect usage of words (although let me add a disclaimer right here and now: I am not perfect and occasionally get things wrong myself).  So let me state very clearly: these are brooches, not broaches.


I finished sewing these together while on holiday at the farm over Easter.  I took along a box of unfinished items and broken jewellery to repair, and managed to complete these and re-string some necklaces.  The butterfly brooch and the flower brooch on the right are both from CurlyPops kits that Clare made a start on then passed over to me. The felt flowers in the left brooch were bought at a craft fair last year then quickly sewn together.

I can now reveal the name tag I made for the Sew It Together name tag swap, since the owner has finally received it.  I suppose that it qualifies as a brooch as well.  It went to Beck.

Sew It Together Name Tag unmasked!

And lucky lucky me received this name tag/brooch, made by Lucy of The Princess and the Monkey.

Sew It Together name tag for me

I adore this name tag!  You can find photos of some of the other beautiful name tags that have been made over here.

And don’t even get me started on the word “prostate” versus “prostrate”…


9 thoughts on “Brooching the subject

  1. Yes, the name tag you made is truly divine. I was eying the babushka one off over at Princess and the Monkey too. It’s gorgeous.

    I’m with you on the spelling, grammar and use of language. In fact the more I write and blog, the more I want to learn about writing and editing, and grammar to improve my skills.

  2. Love the brooches.
    I totally agree about spelling. I struggled with the subject English all my schooling. I know I’m certainly not perfect, but many spelling rules stuck with me. It irks me when people use ‘s for plurals and ‘your’ for ‘you are’ instead of ‘you’re’. These are simple mistakes and I know I should not let them worry me.

  3. I tell you what, all of the ‘sneak peaks’ around blogland lately have been doing my head in 🙂
    Both name tags are lovely, but I especially like the pretty crochet trim on the one you made.

  4. What clever brooch makers you both are!
    Gorgeous babushka brooch – lucky you.
    I know I’m not perfect, but the biggest giggle I get is from variations of ‘bare with me’ – highly unlikely!!

  5. Nice brooches … I can’t wait to see the ‘real’ things at Sew It Together.

    PS You’ve hit one of my pet hates … it drives me crazy the way US TV shows and it’s happening more every day: alternate instead of alternative. One of my favourite TV shows does it and it makes me want to write to the writers (?) and ask them to stop!

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