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Yesterday I did a little test-sewing for Jodie.  Two zipper-mouth monsters, pattern ready to be released at the Melbourne Stitches and Craft Show which is coming up very, very soon (5th – 9th May). I could barely tear them away from my daughters to photograph them.


Guess which belongs to which – yes, the pink is Clare’s and the purple is Stella’s. Stella knows what hers says – it’s very cute when I ask her what her monster is saying to her.


They’re made from the most divine wool, a bit like blanketing except lighter, and a heavier weight cotton for the trousers. Although you could make them in quilting cottons, I think these slightly thicker fabrics are a better choice.


These were super fun to make and quick and simple – just my sort of softie! Although I love to play with softies, I don’t generally love making them – but for some reason I do especially like this one! I’m going to make one for myself as well.  Clare had loads of input into the fabric and decoration combinations for these two.  I really do adore the zipper-mouth and the little sayings within – mind you the ones that Jodie makes tend to be a little more debonair (and even slightly risque) than these ones.


So if you are looking for a quick and super-fun softie to make, you can’t go past a zipper-mouth monster – whether for children or for adults! Stella loves hers so much that it even went into the bath with her last night – I don’t actually recommend that though.  It did get a decent spin in the washing machine before she demanded it back to sleep with her last night.  Clare slept with hers as well…

Now I’d better get back to some more secret test-sewing – I’m up to around nine items already that I haven’t been able to blog!  I am SO looking forward to the publication of a certain book.

8 thoughts on “Monstrous!

  1. Lara, As much as I was excited to hear about the pattern itself – the fact that the girls love them has made my day..and I love the idea of a zippermouth having a bath !

    (and I can’t wait for the book )

  2. Hey Lara, your girls are so lucky to have a mum like you! You secret testing super sewer girl, you! Just popped in to say a huge thanks for my amazing name tag that arrived today. I couldn’t work out who is was from but Ms C.Pops was right onto it and pointed me in your direction. So thankyou! I love it, xo

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