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Love the A-line

I did finish a shorter version of the A-line skirt on Friday, and wore it yesterday.  This one finishes just below the knee, and I used a wider yoke pattern.

A-line skirt #2

The fabric is a medium weight something with stretch in it that was a gift from a generous friend. You’ve actually seen it before.  Now it’s all used up!  I used a contrast fabric to line the yoke. It’s a centre back zip, once again. I’d have preferred to use an invisible zip but didn’t have any in stash.

A-line skirt #2

I am planning on making another skirt in this length from some superb embroidered black fabric I bought at Tessuti last year. I stocked up on black thread and an invisible zip at GJ’s yesterday when checking out their patchwork sale.

A-line skirt #2

Since tomorrow is the beginning of autumn, I am beginning to think about sewing some warmer clothes. I have lots of jacket fabrics in stash. But as you’ve noticed, I certainly do jump around from project to project, and appropriateness for the time of year doesn’t always come into it.  Have a lovely Sunday!


12 thoughts on “Love the A-line

  1. Oh, I love my A-line skirts.
    After wearing them it’s hard to go back!
    Of course I can only imagine the satisfaction of making one myself……..And good on you for modelling Lara! (look out, you’ll be headhunted by Chadwicks )

  2. You look beautiful. Both skirts are lovely. I like the longer one better, but that’s because I like long skirts on myself better. You are so talented.

    I also don’t necessarily work on season appropriate projects. I am in FL so it’s always pretty warm, but it seems like when it is 100Degrees F I feel the need to make an afghan. Ha. It’s 60 right now and I am working on a bathing suit cover…:)
    Have a great weekend.

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