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Deer Valley skirt

More clothes for me! I happened to be in Nikki’s studio one day when she had her pattern for her A-line skirt lying around – so I quickly grabbed some pattern card and traced off a copy (with permission of course)!   Here is my (first) version.

A-line skirt detail

The fabric is a quilting cotton by Joel Dewberry from his Deer Valley line. The skirt has a yoke at the top and a centre back zip.

Deer Valley A-line skirt

I am so used to sewing with pattern instructions that it was quite a shock to my brain to have to think for itself and remember the appropriate order and techniques for construction!  I did have to shave one and a half inches from the top of the yoke to allow for the fact that my waist is quite a bit wider than Nikki’s, but then the skirt fitted perfectly.  Looks like I don’t need to draft my own pattern after all!

Deer Valley A-line skirt

Shoulders back and tummy in! I’m planning on making another skirt today (if Stella sleeps for long enough at lunchtime).  Huge thanks to Nikki for her generosity in letting me have a copy of the pattern (and if you ask her nicely enough maybe she’ll eventually grade it up and make it available for sale!)


8 thoughts on “Deer Valley skirt

  1. Watch out…. they’re a bit instant-gratificationy and addictive! Goodbye dress-length stash. Hello more skirts than you could possibly wear in a season….

    Thanks for the links. 🙂

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